Manual Varjo Plugin

This is a guide for migrating your existing Unreal project to Varjo headset using Varjo Unreal plugin found on Varjo website. It has extra steps for manual plugin installation compared to Marketplace plugin installation.

1. Install SteamVR

Download and install from Steam page 

2. Install Varjo base

3. Install Epic Launcher

4. Install UE 4.23

Open Epic Launcher 

Go to Unreal Engine tab 

Install UE 4.23 

5. Start Unreal engine

Launch Unreal Engine 4.23 

6. Create New Project

Create a “New Project” – Select “Blueprint” tab and “Blank” project from the list of templates. 

7. Close project

Save and close newly opened project.

8. Download plugin

Download plugin for your version of Unreal Engine from Varjo Downloads page.

9. Unzip plugin

Unzip the downloaded zip file wherever you like.

10. Copy Varjo Plugin to your project

Create a new folder in your project’s directory and name it as ‘Plugins’.

Copy your unzipped plugin to this newly created folder.

11. Open your project

Start UE again and open your project.

12. Enable Varjo plugin

From “Edit”->”Plugins, From “Installed”->”Virtual Reality”, enable Varjo plugin.

Press “Restart Now” to apply changes. 

13. Disable SteamVR plugin

From ”Built-In”“Virtual Reality”, Disable SteamVR plugin, to make sure that the content runs against the Varjo Runtime.

Click “Restart Now” to apply changes. 

14. Run the project

To run on the headset or in Varjo software emulator, select “Play” → “VR Preview” 

15. Check the Performance and Visual Quality guidance

Tune the project with the guidance from Performance and Visual Quality page.