Welcome to Unreal

This page describes how you can set up and use the Unreal development environment for the Varjo headset. Please make sure you have read Difference between SteamVR™ and Varjo Base before beginning development. 



To be able to set-up the Unreal environment you need the following setup: 


Getting Started 

This section will guide you through getting the Unreal set up and the first example scene running in the Varjo headset.  

Have SteamVR and Unreal Engine 4.21 or later installed.

  1. Install Varjo software
  2. Choose between using Varjo Unreal Plugin and Varjo Unreal Engine
    1. Use Varjo Unreal Plugin for use with Unreal Studio and easier installation (recommended)
    2. Use Varjo Unreal Engine for improved performance (only for advanced developers)
  1. Develop your project

There are multiple development options you could pick from:

        • Create a new project or port an existing one 
        • Setup Unreal Studio for new project, if you chose Plugin over Engine development.

Use examples to learn how to use all the features of Varjo headset. Examples can be downloaded from our GitHub repository. Examples cover controller usage, headset button access, and eye tracking and are explained on Unreal Examples page 

  1. Polish your project

Performance and Visual Quality page describes performance and visual quality adjustments that are useful when creating Unreal projects especially for your Varjo headset.

  1. Package your project

Packaging Unreal project page has instructions for packaging the application you have developed. 


Developing without the Varjo headset

On the Developing without the Varjo headset page you can find information on how to test your build without the Varjo headset.