Updating an existing Unity project

Before updating the project, ensure Unity Plugin is installed correctly. This page explains the necessary steps needed to launch your existing Unity project on the Varjo headset. If you are creating new project from scratch, refer to the Creating a new Unity project“.

  1. Open the project you want to launch in Varjo headset 
  2. Change Unity settings to match the required setting 
  3. Drag VarjoUser prefab to the scene 
  4. Copy and modify desired camera settings effects to the VarjoCamera from your camera 
  5. Copy and modify desired movement scripts to the VarjoUser / Tracked hands 
  6. Remove old camera from the scene 
  7. Hit play to test 


Updating plugin

When updating the Varjo Plugin for Unity, please close Unity and delete the following files and folders inside the Assets folder before unzipping the updated plugin: 

  • Folders: 
    • Varjo 
    • VarjoExamples 
    • VarjoSteamVR 
  • Files: 
    • Varjo.meta 
    • VarjoExamples.meta 
    • VarjoSteamVR.meta 

Do not directly edit the prefabs and scripts in these folders as they will be replaced in every update.

If you leave Unity open, it will lock the plugin DLL files and the update will fail. If you don’t delete the previous files, there might be unwanted files left from the previous plugin version.