Welcome to Unity

This page describes how you can set up and use the Unity development environment for the Varjo headset. Please make sure you have read Difference between SteamVR™ and Varjo Base before beginning development. 

If you want to know more about generic Unity development and practices, we recommend checking the development basics with Unity’s Documentation and Tutorials. 



To be able to set up the Unity environment, you need the following: 


Getting started 

Getting started section will guide you through downloading and installing the Varjo Plugin for Unity.  


Using the Varjo Plugin for Unity  

This section will explain how to set up the plugin and make sure your build is working correctly on the Varjo headset. Refer to the “Creating a new Unity project” for new projects and to the “Updating an existing Unity project” for existing project migration. 



Examples can be downloaded from the Download page. They are fully optional. Explanation of the examples could be found on Unity Examples page.


Making a build 

Making a build for the Varjo headset is no different from creating any other VR build. For further instructions refer to the Unity documentation.

Developing without the Varjo headset

On the Developing without Varjo headset page you can find information on how to test your build without the Varjo headset.