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Varjo Teleport VR

An out-of-the-box virtual environment for enhanced professional collaboration and communication​.

Open the door to a virtual work environment

For business customers seeking immersive virtual collaboration, getting started is now easier than ever.

Jump in with a first-person perspective to meet as human-like avatars, present files, manipulate 3D models, and get to work at an unprecedented speed and scale.

Varjo Teleport VR is the first step towards a photorealistic metaverse as part of the Varjo Reality Cloud platform.


Connect with colleagues in a 3D environment, and experience all the benefits of in-person meetings.

  • Hold one-on-one sessions or large gatherings.
  • Join with VR headsets or via the desktop application.
  • Communicate naturally with voice chat and physical gestures.


Present and navigate 3D models or media files to reach a complete shared understanding.

  • Effortlessly import and display assets.
  • Explore 3D models from all angles, as miniature models or on a 1:1 scale.
  • Drag & drop a wide range of popular file formats.


Use a virtual toolset to run highly efficient design and review workflows.

  • Work simultaneously with intuitive functionality.
  • Make on the fly alterations and annotations.
  • Seamlessly work with modelling software integrations.
See Varjo Teleport VR in action

Case Study: AF Gruppen

Learn how a major Norwegian civil engineering and construction firm put Varjo Teleport VR to the test whilst refurbishing an iconic building in the heart of Oslo.

Key Benefits

  • Easy, intuitive, and out-of-the-box: No need for complex development, integrations, or training.
  • Collaborate without limits: Remove physical boundaries and sustainability restrictions for teamwork.
  • Enhance productivity: Fast-track iterative prototyping.
  • Boost understanding: Get a complete view from all angles and perspectives.
  • Reduce cost: Minimize modelling, travel, and error-driven expenses.

Advanced Virtual Toolset

  • File Import: Virtually present varied media files, including audio, video and assorted documents.
  • Model Manipulation: Spawn, cut, split/combine and scale objects, place information overlays and more.
  • Add-ins for Navisworks and Autodesk Revit: Collects all visible geometry in the view you are in​ and optimizes exported models for VR.​
  • Documents:.pdf, .BCF
  • Extensive support for different file formats: Proprietary file format for Revit Export (.VTM), Open BIM (.IFC & BCF), 3D (.FBX, .gITF, .OBJ, .STEP, .PLY).

Varjo Teleport VR pricing

Price is based on the number of concurrent users that can use the service at the same time.

Number of concurrent users Price per month
1-3 EUR 69
4-15 EUR 249
More than 15 Contact sales

*Varjo Teleport VR is included for existing Varjo subscription members

Varjo Teleport VR is available now

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  • Varjo Aero

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As a business customer, you have access to our full product range.

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Private customers can order Aero through our webstore.