“We’re about making real products, not patents.”

Jose Perez
Principal industrial designer, joined September 2016

“We’re designing a new computing platform from scratch.”

We’re solving one of the biggest problems with VR - resolution. Our first headset will be revolutionary compared to everyone else’s. And that’s exciting.

But we’re actually doing more than that. We’re designing an entirely new computing platform. And we’re doing it better than everyone else, which is why most of us are here.

“We’re about making real products, not patents.”

Our device is more sophisticated than any device on the market. The biggest challenge right now is that we’re learning how different sensor technologies behave and we’re working on executing a front face for our device. That is a really important part of the design language.

“We’re developing amazing technology for real people.”

This is a challenging industry. And because we’re pushing the limits of what’s ever been done, you have to be good at managing both risk and your own stress level. But Varjo is a really supportive environment, so you’re definitely never alone here.

Another central part of the design process is ergonomics. We want the device to be easy to put on and take off and comfortable to wear or hold for short and long periods.

And that’s important because we’re not just developing amazing technology for the sake of developing it. We’re developing amazing technology to be used by real people. We’re here to make real products for real people - not just patents.

As a designer I’m given the freedom to pick my own tools and the space to really think. And I’m lucky to work with the best VR/XR engineers and developers in the entire world.

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