“No one has solved the problems we’re solving.”

Antti Peuhkurinen
Senior graphics / XR engineer - joined Varjo in November of 2017

“If you want to work with the latest technologies, work someplace else. If you want to create the newest technology, work here.”

What we’re working on at Varjo has literally never been done before. That’s beyond exciting.

The headset is part of a much bigger paradigm: mixed reality and a new programmable world.

“No one has solved the problems we’re solving.”

Right now we’re maturing technologies that are still very expensive and not widely used. Focusing first on high-end products aimed for the professional market lets us develop and perfect these new technologies.

Next, we’ll be introducing a whole new mixed reality computing paradigm to wider audiences.

“The best part is that we’re doing something completely new. And the hard part is that we’re doing something completely new.”

Human-eye resolution is iconic. With our Bionic Display,™ which matches the human eye, we’re able to create totally real-looking visuals with the optimal usage of hardware resources. We’re the first in the world doing that and no one will ever be able to take that away from us. And our firsts won’t stop there. We’re also working on new challenges on the mixed reality side, which is really exciting.

We also want make it easy for application or game developers to access our features with their own engine or game engines, like Unity® and Unreal®.

“It might sound complicated, but the truth is if you know how to code, it’s probably not any harder than that boring job you’re doing now.”

We’re working with the whole stack set related to mixed reality. It’s all super new and custom, but that definitely shouldn’t scare anyone away from thinking of joining the team.

We don’t want great people to not apply because they see a list of “skills” under a job posting and think “I don’t know that one thing, so forget it." We only hire the best people - people who want to do new things and learn every day for real.

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