Varjo is joining ECEM 2019 in Alicante, Spain

Experience the most accurate eye tracking ever integrated into a VR device first-hand

The Resolution Revolution is on

Next week, Varjo VR-1 will be showcased at ECEM 2019, the largest scientific meeting on eye movement research worldwide. ECEM has been bringing together a community of researchers for over three decades.

Varjo is thrilled to join the ambitious community working towards a better understanding of eye movements, and their use in the study of a wide range of topics in neuroscience, cognitive science and various applied fields.

Varjo VR-1 is the first true professional VR headset with patented human-eye resolution Bionic Display™, world’s most advanced 20/20 Eye Tracker™ and wide support for the best and most used professional 3D software tools and engines. 

VR-1 device has a resolution of more than 60 pixels per degree, which is 20X+ higher than any other VR headset currently on the market. Varjo’s 20/20 Eye Tracker™ is the world’s only eye tracker optimized to track and analyze eye movements in true-to-life human-eye resolution. Resolution opens up a new way of conducting research and capture new behavioral insights in details that weren’t possible before through the use of virtual reality. 

We look forward to introducing our proprietary 20/20 Eye Tracker to researchers who are interested in utilising gaze data in VR.

You can find more details about the features and development of the 20/20 Eye Tracker in our blog, written by our Principal Algorithm Designer Ville Miettinen, see blog post here. 

Schedule a demo

Varjo team will be attending and exhibiting at ECEM 2019. Meet us at our booth no: 3 on August 19th and 20th. Please note that Varjo demos are in high demand, so make sure to sign up as soon as possible to hear more about the 20/20 Eye Tracker or getting a demo.